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Conversation with Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law, and Leah Rothstein about their new book, Just Action.

In a recent enlightening conversation with Richard and Leah Rothstein, we explored the power of advocacy, activism, and the profound impact of coming together across racial lines. Their advocacy for biracial multi-ethnic groups in our communities is a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

It’s not just about acknowledging the disparities; it’s about actively dismantling the systems that perpetuate them. We have the collective strength to bridge divides, learn from one another, and stand united against injustice.

Let’s heed the call to action! Join us in embracing antiracism, confronting inequality, and rewriting the narrative. Together, we can create communities that thrive on individual and collective power. This is the essence of ‘The Black Cell’—a journey of transformation and empowerment.

Dive into the audiobook and let its message ignite your passion for change.


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