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“History is the landmark by which we are directed into the course of life. The history of a movement, the history of a nation, the history of a race, are the guideposts of that movement’s destiny.”

     - Marcus Mosiah Garvey

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"This novel is a worthy contribution to Afrofuturism literature. I highly — highly — recommend it."

A. Adar Ayira, 

Anti-Racism/Anti Oppression Educator


The Black Cell, out now on Amazon!

SHARP Framework

We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and we learn from the struggles of history. My role is to shine a light on racism through my fiction and academic writing.

About Wendy

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The SHARP framework is a lens through which providers may view issues of oppression impacting their clients.


“People are not poor because they lack programs and services.

People are poor because they lack power.”

- The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond 

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