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“History is the landmark by which we are directed into the course of life. The history of a movement, the history of a nation, the history of a race, are the guideposts of that movement’s destiny.”

     - Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Look For My New Book in 2022


"This novel is a worthy contribution to Afrofuturism literature. I highly — highly

— recommend it."

A. Adar Ayira, 

Anti-Racism/Anti Oppression Educator

Meet Wendy Shaia

We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and we learn from the struggles of history. My role is
to shine a light on racism through my fiction and academic writing.

Latest Fiction

Read my latest short story, "Waiting For Something", nominated for a Pushcart Prize

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“People are not poor because they lack programs and services.

People are poor because they lack power.”

- The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond