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The Red Summer

Read my short story published in the latest issue of Fiyah Literary Magazine! Please click the link to the Fiyah magazine website to purchase the issue for $3.99 and to download the accompanying Spotify playlist.

She was the tallest woman Samuel had ever seen, a hair shorter than his six foot three frame and just as thin. Samuel held the door open so she could enter the room. As she paused to nod her thanks, she did not have to look up at him like everyone else. Instead, her calm brown eyes met his levelly, a slight pleasantness wrinkling the corners. Samuel was the tallest person in his family, and his mother frequently commented that he had not yet finished growing at only eighteen. He loved when a woman had to tip her head back to look him in the eyes. The girls liked it too, and he was often the center of attention when he walked into a room.

But Samuel found this woman strange in other ways besides her height. Her black hair hung in long, thick ropes to her narrow shoulders. Samuel had never seen anyone with such hair, and he wondered how it got like that...


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